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"Ciofalo interprets Mercer beautifully, capturing the joy and irony he intended in "Tangerine," the ache in "Early Autumn" the tenderness of "I Remember You" This is a theme album worthy of its inspiration...." more
Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

"it is hard to not be moved by Ciofalo's heartfelt way with Mercer's words".... more
Brad Walseth, JazzChicago.net

"Ciofalo mines that wide range of human emotion that comes from everyday experience and resonates with each listener’s own stories. And to Mercer’s (and our) benefit, her vibrant swing can turn gloom into joy; her storyteller’s passion recounts love lost and found; her voice moves easily from sultry to salty to sassy. Above all, on Dancing With Johnny, singer Linda Ciofalo presents the words of Johnny Mercer as if revealing their meaning for the first time...." more
Andrea Canter, JazzPolice.com

"...she is blessed with a voice as warm, bright and shimmering as a smog-free country morning."
Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes.

"Matt Wilson, the drummer on the CD, suggested that I would like Ciofalo. I do. She is adventurous, but not to the point of disrespecting the material. She sings in tune, uses time play in her phrasing without losing rhythmic consistency and has a light, creamy voice that now and then drops to surprising depth. She is willing to take risks--for instance, singing with only drums or bass--and makes it clear that she enjoys what she does. Ciofalo is as convincing with a Beatles song as one by Gershwin or Rodgers. The band, John di Martino (p.), John Hart (g.), Joel Frahm (t.s.), Marcus McLaurine (b.) and Wilson (dr.), is splendid...."
Doug Ramsey, Rifftides - Arts Journal

" Here’s a great chance-taking vocalist bound to please many of you who are looking for someone who is most original. You will never forget her take on “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” (Rodgers/Hammerstein). It’s absolutely spectacular. "
Dan Singer, In Tune International

"For her newly released theme album Sun Set (Lucky Jazz Music) Linda Ciofalo selected tunes that explore heat,times of day,weather light and other sunny topics. What her choices demonstrate, first , is how manygreat songs the sun has inspired and second,that gravitas isn't necessary to create serious music. Ciofalo is a sophisticated singer and her voice carries a smile it's a winning combination."
Suzanne Lorge, AllAboutJazz-New York
(now known as The New York City Jazz Record)

"Ciofalo shows off her talent from start to finish. The CD bears more than one listening to discover all of its pleasurable dimensions." more
Marcia Hillman, AllAboutJazz-New York
(now known as The New York City Jazz Record)

"Linda Ciofalo is a first class act" Gino Moratti,The Kitano N.Y.C.

"Vocalist LINDA CIOFALO has a sound that is crystal clear, and a musicality that brings you into her performance like a moth is drawn to a flame". more
Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

"Calling Ciofalo a talent deserving more recognition would be an understatement and anybody who is waiting to discover another great female vocalist should check out this album!" more
Dan Bilawsky, Jazz Improv Magazine

"Ciofalo is clearly the star of this show, but the sidemen get plenty to work with. Whether in the background or performing a solo, each musician contributes significantly, striking a perfect balance between vocals and instruments. And it’s all done with a love for the art and a sunny outlook". more
Woodrow Wilkins, AllAbout Jazz

"Linda Ciofalo has a voice that reaches out and grabs you. You just have to pay attention. Her vocal talent is among the best heard today. She is one of the few new musicians who can transfer the passion and emotion of their craft to the listener. She is truly an instrument on her own. My guess is that she would sound equally great without a band." more Michael Perry, Jazzreview .com

" I’ll bet she’ll soon be one of the bright stars in the jazz sky." more
Andrea Canter, Jazz Police

“Ciofalo is a sophisticated singer and her voice carries a smile. It’s a winning combination.”
AllAboutJazz-New York
(now known as The New York City Jazz Record)

"The release of Sun Set will certainly result in Linda Ciofalo’s gaining the
recognition she deserves as one of the finest jazz singers around".
Scott Yanow, music critic www.ScottYanow.com

"Do You want a new sweetheart? Then go for Linda Ciofalo....In this cd she just twines around your heart!" Mark Murphy, Vocal Jazz Legend

"Oh what a beautiful voice! Oh what a beautiful person!…Joan Roberts (the American actress who created the role of Laurey Williams in the original Broadway production of Oklahoma!)

"Cool songs sung cool-ly" Michael Bourne, Singers Unlimited, WBGO

"Linda Ciofalo "A spirited singer with a bright , flexible voice and a firm grasp of bop and blues. Linda Ciofalo has shared the stage with the likes of Mark Murphy and Les Paul." Time Out NY

"...Linda Ciofalo has a beautiful instrument with great intonation - I like this CD very much!" Jazz trumpeter, Clark Terry

"I've had the good fortune to work with some terrific female singers,so you'll forgive my hubris if I tell you I know what I'm talking about when it comes to chick singers,Linda's the real thing.I really hope that somewhere along the way she catches a break and gets the chance to ride the wave that takes all dreamers to the sweet place. She really deserves it."
Joel Dorn, music producer

"Linda Ciofalo has a voice that shares beautiful sound imagery with the listeners and this CD belongs in the home library of everyone who enjoys great Jazz Vocals." (5 Stars)
Lee Prosser, Jazzreview.com

"Linda Ciofalo is an absolute bundle of joy - wait 'til you hear her sing ...you're in heaven!"
Mark Murphy, jazz vocalist

"She sings with a skip in her step and a raucous Mae West Style delivery on the blues and turns tender on theballads. She has a wide vocal range and projects with gusto and sultry appeal."
Frank Rubilino, Cadence Magazine